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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Want to help minimize JUNK mail?  Following are a few tips:

The following phone number should be used to "OPT OUT" of unwanted phone calls and receiving JUNK mail and from receiving those "YOU'RE APPROVED" credit card offers in the mail.  If you want to opt out, call  (888) 567-8688.  You can also "OPT OUT" online at

Do you get phone calls stating, "YOU HAVE WON AN ALL-EXPENSES-PAID VACATION TO HAWAII or some other destination?  Ever get a phone call asking that you donate money to a charitable foundation - just give me your credit card number? NO! NO! NO!  DON'T give out your credit card number!  It's a SCAM and the charities are PHONY. These types of callers will try to sell you anything and everything. These crooks milk billions of dollars from kind hearted unsuspecting people every year.  Don't want telemarketers to call you?  REGISTER your landline and/or cell phone on the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST at  or call toll free (888) 382-1222   It takes thirty (30) days to fully activate and does not expire.  After thirty-one (31) days a telemarketer should not call you.

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